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What can I do??

I've just had an email from someone; I find the email quite upsetting but don't know what to do about it.

It's about National Marriage Week, which aims to promote christian marriage values. Apparently it is receiving less financial support this year, and a lot more money is being donated to two organisations that promote lesbian and gay health and well-being.

The writer of the email is asking us to do several things. I quote ...

  • pray for those who seek to uphold godliness

  • support the National Marriage Week either personally or through your churches

  • write to the Lord Chancellor requesting that funding for National Marriage Week be reinstated and that the support for the promotion of gay and lesbian relationships be withdrawn

  • write to the Prime Minister expressing your concerns at the open promotion of gay and lesbian rights and practices

Now of course I believe that all LGBT people need as much support as they can get. I almost danced for joy when I saw the words "promote lesbian and gay health and well-being" ... but how can I explain to the traditional christians at IBM (where I work) that this is a good idea?

I don't try to hide my sexuality and I'm sure some of them have guessed ... but to stand up for a cause such as this I'd have to risk offending or upsetting them ... and they'd probably want to counsell me endlessly and pray for me to change my ways ...

I know they're only doing what they think is right, but how can I help them to see they're wrong?
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