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Gary Jr., the Corpse Groom

"Men do not have the hole to put their dick in, so that right their shows that is unatural. "

oh gosh soap box time. this is a lil long but you must read it and give me your thoughts. i was talking to another live journaler about being gay; he said:

"Well I dealt with gay issues in the past, but was never really gay. If I continue in the ways then I would be gay. I know it is not for me and it against the Christian morals."

so i said;

"pretending you are not gay because you believe it is wrong isn't going to make you straight. you can't change your sexual orientation. by the by, being gay is not a sin. loving another grown man is not a sin and lastly, the bible doesn't condemn homosexuality; check out the book; "what the bible really says about homosexuality" and even if it did, i guess you think that slavery is ok? and woman are meant to serve men and should stay in the home? portions of the bible are out-of-date. discrimination is not ok in the 21 century."

well he got all riled up and really let me have it and said this:

Well, you have a lot to learn about life and need to stop talking "out of your butt." I agree with you some but on some of your points you totally lost me. I am not pretending that I am straight... I am simply saying I am going to stop doing things of that nature, knowing that it is wrong. It is not natural for a man and man to have realtionships (sexual) together. God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. Also I am not being discrimitory, I still love the person... just not like what they do. Also read the Bible and understand before you tried to discount it. You are trying to use the Bible for your own gain and twist the things that it says in it. The Bible clearly states in the New Testament, which is the new law for us, that homosexuality is a sin and should not be. Also I have stuggled with the idea about Christians and being gay, but I can't deny the fact of what the Bible says and what Jesus commands. I am in a relationship with God and there are some terms I have to follow when in it. Who am I too question Him, He is the one who created you and I.

Also I have plenty of friends and they are helping me with this whole issues, so the comment about the friends was wrong. If being gay was so right then why can you get AIDS and a numerous of other dieases from it. It will be a matter of time before you might even contract some diseases. It is not natural for men to do that, they were not made like that. We have different private parts then women and they hook up to each other in the way they were meant to be. Men do not have the hole to put their dick in, so that right their shows that is unatural. Also in the gay community it so sexual and that is what 95% of the realtionhsip is made up of. All they want is to get their sexual desired filled, for you have to have balance their to have a truly made realtionship. That is why it is meant to be a man and a woman, for they balance each other out in the area of emotions and feelings.

Please don't think that I am mad, for I am not at all. I just been doing a lot of thinking and I hate when people tend to talk out of something they really do not know. It was my fault that I got involved in what I did. I wanted to "get off" and that is really all I got... in the end I was just hurt and that is a big reason why the gay community is so messed up and not morally right.

ok i think that is the most closed minded turn-of-the century bull shit i have heard in a long time. i'm sorry i am stunned. i thought about it the whole bike ride home. how dare you accuse me and 95% of the gay population of being in gay relationships for sex. i'm sorry but the sex is the last thing on the list for me when i'm dating or in a relationship with someone. don't even get me started with that whole "adam & steve" crap or the different private parts, that is so dam laughable i won't even address it. and i think it is absolutely reprehensible of you to say i'm going to get AIDS because i am gay. that is just sickening. all i can say at this point is this kid is gonna be one miserable person if he thinks he can "not act on his gay instincts"; it's internal! it's hormonal! you can not change it. good luck in life kid, your gonna need it.
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