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Hey everyone, thought I'd drop a line and introduce myself...just joined the community today.

My name is Paul, I'm 20, and a sophomore at Uni of Kentucky studying journalism and Spanish. I became a Christian when I was 17 but didn't really get involved with a church or anything til I started college a year later at 18. Then I got plugged into Campus Crusade for Christ and was happy growing in my faith and making friends and stuff...til last October until I admitted that I was gay...I'd always to deny that I had these feelings towards guys but it got to the point where I had to be honest with myself about what I was...

Fast forward six months. I'm torn between my faith and how I feel and trying to figure out if it's ok to be gay or not. I had stopped going to Crusade for a while but recently started going again...cause my faith is important to me...and I guess I'm just trying to reconcile being gay and being Christian and whether it's really a sin or not...I'm not out to anyone but two friends from high school back in Ohio where I grew up...who have been both real accepting. I'm scared to death what will happen if I come out but I know what I am...I really confused about life and stuff...I'm glad to see that there are other gay Christians out there, and I'm glad there is a community like this on LJ.

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